A recipe for adventure: a CLAMP School mystery, a handful of student council antics, a heaping scoop of paperwork, a healthy sprinkling of fluff, and a generous dash of Duklyon. This is a choose-your-own-adventure mystery/humor fanfiction with three endings and an unlockable epilogue starring the brilliant CLAMP School Detectives and featuring the hilarious CLAMP School Defenders, Duklyon.

Where has the brilliant lady's boy Nokoru disappeared to again? Join the ever serious ninja, Suoh, and the constantly cheerful master thief and chef, Akira, as they sleuth about CLAMP School uncovering clues and foiling a dastardly plot against the CLAMP School Defenders! Will Suoh ever get Nokoru to complete his paperwork? And will Kentarou ever stop calling Takeshi by his weird nickname? Find out in Finding Kaichou (Again)! Featuring mystery, humor, action, a bit of customary absurdity, a little fluff, and friendship.

All the characters come from the manga CLAMP School Detectives and CLAMP School Defenders by the CLAMP group. The images come from the anime of the former by Studio Pierrot.

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